Accounting and Finance

If your business is to grow, you need to spend more time on the tasks that matter and less time on the books. This is where LincolnWallace comes in. We’re ready to handle all your day-to-day accounting and financial chores, and we can even provide long term strategic analysis to make sure you achieve your goals.

iStock_000070061457Our Accounting & Finance services for small business include:

Payroll Administration. Our payroll services save you time and money, and mitigate compliance risks. Services include direct deposit; payroll and billing reports; electronic W-2 preparation; payroll and employment tax processing and payments; tracking and processing of paid time off; time and attendance management; and workers’ compensation. What’s more, we’ve partnered with one of the nation’s largest payroll companies, and we pass on the discount to our clients.

Management of Accounts Receivable/Payable. Cash management is one of the biggest struggles for small businesses. Not only will we help manage your receivables and payables, we’ll also develop a detailed cash management strategy to ensure you never experience an unwelcome surprise.

Profitability and Cost Management. Act decisively with a clear understanding on how decisions impact profitability. Identify your most profitable customers, services and product. Utilize data to make informed decisions on the business.

Cloud-based Accounting. We continually work with the newest technology and apps that help your business. With the ability to handle expense reports, accounts payable, accounts receivable and have all your financials available 24/7, you can work and share information from anywhere. Our goal is to help you optimize your accounting processes,

Tax Support. Confused by all the tax filings federal income tax, federal employer withholding, federal unemployment, state unemployment, state withholding, city withholding, state unemployment, city and state permits, commercial activity taxes, property taxes, or the hundreds of others? We have your back, and we’re ready to ensure all taxes will be filed and paid on time.

Assistance with Tax Problems. We understand how easy it us to run into problems with tax agencies. We’ve dealt with them before, know what to do, and have partners that are the very best in dealing with tax issues. And although tax relief agencies aren’t the ideal option, they are right about one thing- — don’t go it alone. Turn to someone you trust.

Corporate Structure. There are a lot of ways to determine how your corporation should be set up. What are the tax benefits? What about liability? The better we understand your business, the more effective we can be in creating a structure that minimizes both your taxes and your liabilities.

Tools. We have all the tools you need and can implement then across your company. Whether it’s budgeting, employee compensation, expense reports, document management or taxes, we have a solution and plan that works for you.

LincolnWallace solutions are tailored to fit your specific needs and budget. Find out how our Accounting and Financial services will work for you.